Pre-Order the New & Improved Vegebag - Winner of the Chelsea Flower Show 2020 Product of the Year!

The new and improved Vegebag is now available for pre-order! Winner of the 2020 Chelsea Flower Show’s Product of the Year, there has been much anticipation of the patented Vegebag for restocking. Now, we can finally announce “The Bag” is on its way and we’re taking pre-orders for mid-October shipping. 

Need a refresher on the Vegebag and why it’s so good? Here are a few of the key points:

How Is the New Vegebag Different From The Prototype?

As in the video, the new Vegebag has everything the original prototype has, but with an additional 5 NEW FEATURES. In fact, it’s so innovative it’s now patented!

The first (and most important) new feature of the Vegebag is our signature wicking technology! That’s right, the new Vegebag now has our self-watering wicking wells in the base, meaning vegetables are watered from below, whilst soil nutrients are recycled back up, rather than draining away like other pots and bags.

Other new features include:-

  • A hard base to improve the drainage and prevent rips whilst moving around
  • Rubber grips on the drag handles + extra reinforcement stitching to prevent tears.
  • Extra galvanising of the spring wires to limit rusting.
  • Two zip pulls instead of one for easier access. 


How To Pre-Order? 

Pre-order by simply going to our website and purchasing a Vegebag from our Shop page to have it delivered when we release them in mid-October. 

Don’t wait too long to order! We’re anticipating high levels of stock demand, hence this one month notice period so we can get this right for all you growers out there who know and trust Vegepod’s brand and quality. We hope you guys enjoy the Vegebag and can’t wait to hear your feedback on the new and improved version. As always, happy growing. 

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