2017: Vegepod in Review

Vegepod has had a huge year in 2017. We’ve won two awards, set up a USA office, and even got on the news! But what we’re most proud of are the changes we’ve made to the Vegepods themselves. Throughout the year we’ve listened to your questions and even some constructive criticisms, to make small but massively helpful changes to the Pod. We pride ourselves on creating raised garden beds that anyone can use for 10 years at a time, and this year was no exception. So, without further ado, here are the top ten changes to the Vegepod in 2017.

1. New Metal Hose Clamps

New Metal Hose Clamps

Previously, the clamps to hold the hose were made of plastic, but we heard reports from users that the hose clamps kept popping off from the water pressure.

These new clamps are more durable and keep the hose in place.

2. Regular Steel Bolts in the Stands

Regular Steel Bolts in the Stands

Mid-way through this year we realised the regular steel bolts were creating a bit of rust and looseness in the stands. To fix this issue, we’ve made the screws stainless steel and a larger size. There’s no unsightly rust running down and the stand as a whole is that much more reinforced and durable.   

3. Increased UV Stabiliser in the Pod Base

Like we said, we’re completely invested in designing raised garden beds that last for 10 years minimum. That’s why we added a UV stabiliser to the Pod base to help prevent it from cracking or buckling under the hot Australian sun. The stabiliser helps dissipate low-level heat across the garden bed base, so the container retains some warmth. Perfect for nourishing seedlings, soil aeration, and growing microorganisms.

4. Polypropylene Bolts In the Pod Base

Polypropylene Bolts In the Pod Base

We switched the stainless steel bolts in the bed base to polypropylene. Now we can 100% say with certainty there is no risk of rust inside the Vegepod. The food-safe certifiability of the Pod is completely assured.   

5. Matte Black Powder Coating

This one’s almost purely for vanity boys and girls. We changed the shiny black coating of the Vegepod stand to a smooth matte-black powder. Now the garden bed looks, modern, sleek - like the incredible technology it is. The powder also helps stop the black paint from chipping off - again vanity - but who doesn’t want nice things?

6. White Canopy Moulds

White Canopy Moulds

We changed the canopy connectors from green to white (it’s all about aesthetics) and made them a little sturdier in design. This makes assembling the canopy a piece of cake. You can bang the poles into place and the connectors won’t break.

7. A New Trolley Stand Option

Some might think this is old news, but truly, we’ve only had the trolley stand option since last year. It just goes to show how you can grow by leaps and bounds if you truly meditate on a good problem.

The trolley stand means you can wheel about the Vegepod raised garden bed on castor wheels. Perfect for those who have limited sunlight on their property, or for those with mobility issues. You can push the Vegepod to where you want it, making it one of the few portable raised beds on the market.

8. The Winter Propagation Cover

Made from clear, non-permeable PVC, the winter garden cover creates a hothouse environment - perfect for Podders trying to grow in cold climates. You can even use the cover for early season planting (e.g. winter tomatoes), or for extended seasonal planting (e.g. summer crops until fall).

9. Higher Quality Packaging

We swapped plain cardboard for high-quality stuff. No more package tears or crucial box information being rubbed off.

10. Clip-on Hinges for the Canopy

Another game-changer. We used to have glued-on hinge clips that were at risk of breaking. The new clip-on hinges secure tightly to the Vegepod base through a special lip design. This helps keep the Vegepod garden cover clipped down, and there’s no-mess involved when assembling.

It’s a long list but this is just the beginning! Vegepod is growing just like the plants do - fast. We’ve got more planned for the new year too, so stay tuned!

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