5 Produce Pests And How To Beat Them

It can be tempting to want to spray chemicals all over your garden to try and rid it of pests. But there are some natural solutions to eliminate produce pests, and the methods might surprise you.


slugs Slugs don’t look pretty and they don’t make your garden attractive with the holes they make in your leaves. But there is a simple solution to get rid of them. Slugs love beer, so leave some in a container half-buried in your garden. Over time, the slugs will slip into the container to drink the beer and become stuck. Just keep replacing it with fresh beer until all the slugs are gone from your garden!


ggrubs Grubs evolve into beetles which can end up eating your prized produce. Using milky spore is one natural way to get rid of these pests. It can take a year or so to get milky spore to take root in your soil; however, once it’s there, it’ll do its job for ten years or so.


earwigs Earwigs love to use wet newspaper for shelter. Lay it around your garden at night and, in the morning, dispose of the paper along with the earwigs. You’ll need to burn the paper or flush the earwigs down the toilet, however, since they will simply crawl back out of a bin.


snails Snails can wreak havoc on your produce. But there is a simple solution to get rid of them. Because snails love to shelter in damp and shady areas, put some boards up around your produce’s soil and then when the snails gather, simply get rid of them. Be sure to water your garden in the morning rather than at night, as you want to keep the soil dry in the evenings when slugs, snails and other pests come out.



Aphids may be small but the damage they can cause can be huge. A simple solution is to treat your produce using a homemade spray mixing citrus-rind spray with boiling water. Spray once a week to keep the pests away. Of course, protecting your garden is one of the best ways to get pests to stay away. But if you’re still struggling to achieve a healthy garden, we hope these tips will help!

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