An Interview: with Janine Allis founder of Boost Juice and New Podder!

We sat down with the incomparable, Janine Allis, CEO of Boost Juice, and powerhouse entrepreneur with her finger in more business pies than we can list! Read on to hear her insights on health, growing veggies at home, Australian Survivor (Janine rocked the show) and her philosophy on what it takes to be successful in life and business. 

1. Janine, we all enjoyed watching you work through the challenges of Survivor recently, and it was no surprise to see you excel in the mental area in particular, but what would you say was the most interesting thing you learned about yourself from the whole experience?

Probably similar to what we are all going through now, and that is when things and essentials are taken away from you, it is amazing how grateful you feel for everything in your life. I also was surprised about my capabilities under that extreme situation.  Often you do not know how you are going to react under that stress, but I found it to be quite a positive experience.

janine allis

2. Naturally we are huge fans of SharkTank given the momentous occasion it provided us. We really enjoyed and benefitted from our relationship with our backer, Naomi Simson. Do you keep in contact with Naomi and indeed all the sharks much? 

Yes, I speak to them all relatively regular, forever we will be friends.

3. We are so happy you have chosen to get a Vegepod. Can you tell us a little about your veg growing to date and what you are hoping a Vegepod will do for you?

I have seen how others get things growing so quickly in a pod and I want that too.  I will love going to my Vegepod and picking homegrown food. Such flavour and freshness I know you cannot buy.

simon holloway and janine allis

4. There is an obvious alignment between your Boost Juice business and Vegepod, both being centred around fruit & veg and healthy living. What does healthy eating mean to you at this point in your life? 

Without your health you have nothing, and what you eat dictates your health and how you feel. So eating fresh is clearly the best and I believe you cannot get fresher than your own homegrown food.

janine allis with her dogs

5. Janine, it was great to hear Simon caught up with you during the install of your new pod. He mentioned how interesting and fun it was to chat about both gardening and business. If there was one bit of extra advice you would give to Vegepod, what would it be? 

Surround yourself with great people, as you are only as good as your worst team member!

Our thanks to Janine for taking the time out of her busy schedule to interview with us. Check out how Janine goes with her Vegepod over on Instagram @janine_allis Happy growing to all! 

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