Celebrating 3 Years Of Impressive Pods

Since we first began our social media following in 2014, the Vegepod social media team (aka Simon) has been reposting pods and showing off your creations. Today, we’re celebrating three years of amazing regrams. We wanted to include all the pods, because they are all amazing, however, that would make a really long list! Instead, browse below to see some highlights. Thanks for sending them to us and keep em’ coming.

Kids Playing with Vegepods

We love pics of kids playing with Pods as it shows future generations are learning about the environment and where their food comes from. Below you can see a young boy nibbling at a veggie (shock!) on the right, ‘team little mermaid’ smile as they assemble and, on in the middle is George. He has just left the nest and moved to the big smoke. Living in a flat with no backyard or hose, he has fresh veggies on his balcony instead of 2-minute noodles.

Innovative Vegepods

These pics show people taking their pod’s to a new level! One guy from Sweden placed a ‘LED grow light’ in his Vegepod to make up for the dark North. On the left, a Pod is being used as a greenhouse and seedling propagation station. On the right, Jacki Wong of the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability put in some chooks to turn over soil and eat grubs - smart thinking Jacki!  

Bursting Pods

These pods show just how far the Vegepod can go and grow. On the right, a Vegepod withstands sweltering Melbournian heat thanks to the moisture wicking system. On the left, the Vegepod has bloomed after only two weeks! In the middle, a Vegepod thrives after Pam Snape took a holiday. Too bad for the tin garden bed below. Too much? Ah well...we like to brag.

Vegepods for Charity

These snaps are awesome, they show Pods doing well for the corporates and the community. Shout out to Maree from The Men’s Shed (right), Jon from the Wayside Chapel (left) and a big shout out to GMHBA in the middle, who have used 9 Vegepods on their rooftop to donate to community charities, while engaging in corporate team building - imagine if every company did that!   Thanks again to all your pod pics. Here’s to many more of them. Let’s keep pruning, picking, and eating homegrown veggies every day.

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