Celebrating Vegepod Mums for Mother's Day + Special Giveaway!

At Vegepod we love our mums! Whether they’re helping with a school project or calling to check on us once we’ve moved, we know a mother’s love has a lasting effect.

That’s why, in honour of Mother’s Day coming up, we’re celebrating mums all over by posting a collection of ‘Vegepod mum’ pics from Facebook and Instagram. Whether they’re helping out with the school gardening projects, setting up their own Vegepod, or just taking cute snaps of Vegepod babies, here are some of the top regrams and reposts honouring the hard-working mums out there.

a mum receiving her vegepod

Here’s a regram from @jessicaa_gracee_ titled "Mum's Christmas Vegepod". As you can see, Sue is stoked with the Vegepod and it’s growing choppers!

mum's amy and jade gardening

Amy and Jade are the mums who created Growing Greenthumbs - a gardening program dedicated to teaching kids about growing, eating and sharing natural food - all devised at Bon Beach Primary School. Here's their initial plan for the Vegepod ‘Pizza Garden’ and they're having a blast while doing it!

Regram: @bpsgreenthumbs.

oma, grandmother, gardening with vegepod

Here’s one of Oma, Jenny Sutton’s mother, gardening again after multiple operations up in Brissy.

Facebook repost: The Vegepod has mum (“Oma”) gardening again ... and safely too after multiple operations."

proud mum photographing her son with vegepod

Here’s a pic that reminds us mums are always in the background, showing us off and giving the care we need. This little cutie pie was snapped by proud mum, Nicola McCartie.

Facebook repost: “It took him 3 hours. Well, 90% of it by my 5-year-old anyway and one patient mum! Loving our new Vegepod here in New Zealand.”

simon's mum

Finally, here's a pic of Simon’s mum! He’s wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day back in 2016 on the Vegepod page - showing the effects of a mother’s love doesn’t stop, even once we’ve grown up.

Facebook repost: “Happy Mother's Day mum. Thanks for all the nature and the nurture. Wish you kept this board though!!”


winter cover

If you love your mamma and want to give her a thoughtful present this Mother’s Day - consider pre-ordering a Vegepod! In honour of Mother’s Day, all pre-orders will receive a free Vegepod Winter Propagation Cover to get mum’s plants ready for spring/summer.

*Note: this offer is limited to Australian and US orders only and finishes 9am 1st May 2018. 


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