Chef Pods! Top Chefs And Restaurants Using the Vegepod

This year we've had some pretty extraordinary Chefs relying on the Vegepod for fresh greens and veggies in their restaurant dishes. We think that's worth celebrating! In no particular order, here are some amazing Chefs and restaurants that are using the Pod for organic, fresh produce this 2019. 

Wild Canary Bistro - Brisbane

Chef Glenn from Wild Canary Bistro uses four large Vegepods to grow his edible flowers for the gorgeous custom cakes he does. They're simply stunning, check them out below!

Glen from Wild Canary Restaurant

chef eating vegepod herbs from dish


Clareville Kiosk - Clareville, NSW

Chef Nathan from Clareville Kiosk loves his Pod. Below are some Vegepod-grown Habanero peppers he's included in a delicious squid and octopus dish, yum.

Nathan Boler - Raised garden bed chef

Vegepod herbs on chef meal


MasterChefs Galore! 

MasterChef Georgia Barnes loves her Vegepod so much, she's has signed on to create 'Pod to Plate' recipe series with us! Check out her first blog 'Pod To Plate: Introducing Masterchef Georgia Barnes & Her Rainbow Chard Primavera Recipe!' and stay tuned in the new year for a delicious Beetroot Salad dish coming!

We've also had Sam Goodwin, MasterChef from season 9 (2017) celebrating the Pod on his Instagram, check it out: 


Alium Restaurant - Brisbane

Another Brisbane local known for their fine dining and use of local produce. We're honoured a five star restaurant uses us for their micro-greens :)  


allium restaurant brisbane


1888 Certified - Double Bay, Sydney

1888 certified is a super cool boutique butchery where the farmer owner brings her own organic meat down every weekend to Sydney. We're chuffed that they're using Vegepod for fresh herbs and veg to boot! 


Kirribilli House - the PM's chef

And last but certainly not least, the PM's house at Kirribilli uses a Vegepod to grow veggies! That's as close to official as we're going to get!

Thanks to all the Chefs who love our Vegepod and share the love too. Let us know in the comments if you've seen any other Chefs about using the Pod? We might include them in an update post. 

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