Introducing Angus

As we alluded to in the last blog, Vegepod is teaming up with top bloke and gardener, Angus Stewart, to work on worm farming and to help answer the Vegepod communities frequently asked questions. Who is Angus and what are we working on together? Read on to find out!

Who Is Angus & What Does He Do?

angus stewart, gardening, vegepod Angus is a trained agricultural scientist who received first class honours in Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney. He worked for 25 years as a ‘Doctor of the Dirt, Surgeon of the Soil and Professor of the Paddock’ on Rampaging Roy Slaven’s ABC AM radio station. That is to say, he answered gardening talkback questions from around the Sydney Metropolitan area. He also worked for 11 years as a television presenter on Gardening Australia, ran his own horticultural consulting and plant business, bred a new variety of Kangaroo Paw, won multiple awards, and wrote six well-received gardening books - phew!  Having just finished his contract with Gardening Australia, Angus now works on his business, is a freelance writer of sorts, and has his own, very popular blog where he discusses all things Australian flora.

How Did Vegepod and Angus Meet?

kangaroo paw, angus stewart, vegepod Angus actually contacted the Vegepod team because he’s in the process of writing a seventh book on urban farming, and he wanted to mention Vegepod in it (check back to Angus’s site around November for when the book releases). He had tried the Vegepod and thought it was the best and most sensible option for time-poor city folks who wanted a good, foolproof horticultural system. According to Angus, Vegepods are ‘the future of urban farming’ (His words not ours!)

What He’s Working on With Vegepod

vegepod Angus’s first and foremost role at Vegepod is to answer all of the communities questions about horticulture, permaculture, potting mix, fertiliser, soil etc. Angus will be answering your questions to help the Vegepod community grow as well as the Pods do. In fact, a Facebook Live Q + A session is scheduled Angus for Vegepod-specific questions. We’ll give you more info about that closer to the date - but keep it in mind! Angus is also helping Vegepod produce optimised potting mix for the Vegepod’s. He and a worm farm company in Melbourne, Circular Foods, are working on feeding worms the ultimate compost brew to make sure the castings mix well with Vegepod soil. We plan to roll out the potting mix/fertiliser in the months ahead but stay tuned on that note! We’re also working on creating Vegepod ‘worm towers’ which will close the gap between worm fertiliser and the Pod, but again, these developments are still in the mix - so stay tuned for more memos about worm poop from the Vegepod team. Really what Angus doing for us Podders is lending some scientific credibility to Vegepods and providing valuable advice to the community so that it can grow big and beautiful, just like our Pod plants do. Stay tuned for the Q + A session very soon. And for other educational videos about Vegepod planting from Angus in the coming months ahead.

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