Jamie Durie Joins Vegepod

He’s been the face of horticulture on Australian television for years and now, in his next big move, he’s endorsed the Vegepod as his preferred raised bed garden for use in the home. A well-renowned and sought-after landscape artist, Jamie Durie has a reputation for bringing together top designers, contractors and horticulturists to create beautiful, visionary and world-class landscapes in Australia’s gardens. With talent and an eye for creating luxurious and lush outdoor settings, we’re so proud to have the host of the Seven Network’s ‘The Outdoor Room’ as an endorser of Vegepod. jd-299-copy-1 Vegepod was created to help make gardening at home easy and now in collaboration with Jamie Durie, we’re excited to see more homegrown veggies and herbs being grown than ever before. Vegepod are helping revolutionise homegrown veggie and herb gardening so that people like you and me can exercise our green thumb with ease. Our legendary system is designed to take the hassle out of home-grown and we think that is why so many people are loving it. People are increasingly turning to growing their own delicious, fresh vegetables and herbs. Knowing where your food comes from is refreshing and seeing your vegetables grow can be extremely rewarding. Whether you live in an urban apartment or sprawling home, whether you’re young or old, our Vegepods are built to make home gardening easier than ever before. ‘Too hard’ or limited space is no longer an excuse for the burgeoning horticulturist. It’s not technical, it’s not complicated, it’s not too good to be true. It’s just a really easy-to-use system that is designed to help beginners flourish. Jamie Durie knows it and now you do too. If you want to learn more about our raised bed gardens and see how you can fulfil that longstanding desire to grow your own herbs and veggies, then now is the time to be a little more like Jamie and use Vegepod as your chosen system at home.

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