Keeping Pests out of your Veggie Patch the Natural Way

In the past, all farming was organic. But all farmers had the same problem – pests. Over the years some pretty inventive methods were used to keep the creepy crawlies at bay, but the invention of chemical insecticides pushed all of that aside. But with chemical-free growing back in the spotlight, those old organic techniques are being brushed off once again. So if you want to grow your own veggies at home and keep them chemical-free and pest-free, there are some great ideas out there you can try.

Shut the Lid on Pests

The best way to keep your vegetable patch pest-free is to protect it with a cover – just like the hinged one the Vegepod employs. Vegepods grow vegetables in modular trays that are protected by a porous mesh cover, keeping bugs and pests out and also stopping bad weather affecting the crops. Using a cover is also great way to protect any regular vegetable patch. You can set up covers made from recycled plastics, or even use banana leaves if you want to keep things purely natural.


Organic Crop Sprays

You can still spray your crops and keep them pest-free without resorting to using chemicals. Try mixing water with chilli and garlic and spray your veggie patch. The creepy crawlies will give your crops a wide berth and your organic status won’t be compromised. You can also use a pure water spray to keep them away, or even add some organic soap!


Fighting Crop Diseases Naturally

Pests are not the only concern of organic farmers. Crops can also be ravaged by diseases and fungi. To get rid of these naturally, look no further than the old ways. By mixing one teaspoon each of vegetable oil, soap, vinegar and baking soda, you create an all purpose fungal blaster. And milk mixed with organic dish soap makes for a really effective treatment for mildew. Growing your own food in a vegetable patch or inside a Vegepod is a rewarding process, but don’t let pests ruin your hard work! There are plenty of organic solutions out there, and we’ve gathered some here to help you out. Do you know any old school organic techniques to get rid of pests? Let us know!

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