A Raised Vegetable Patch on a Balcony?!

For a long time, if you lived in an apartment, it meant you had to sacrifice a garden patch for a balcony. Sure, you could have a few potted balcony herbs, some strawbs, maybe even a nice grow-wall, but if you wanted actual vegetables, the logistics were difficult. Good news. Now you don’t have to have a backyard to get your ‘patch’. Vegepod’s low maintenance, self-watering containers mean you can have leafy green salads and stir-frys, from patio-to-plate.


No Dirty Run Off

Having a garden bed on a balcony used to mean the bed would leak, run and dirty the area. Your relationship with the body corporate and your landlord could be ruined too. However, Vegepods keep a foot’s worth of soil contained in eco-friendly polypropylene plastic. This means you get no soil run-off while maintaining your plants - far less mess than a potted plant might give. Vegepods also have a canopy made of commercial grade crop cover mesh. This helps with any soil blow off that you might experience high up.

Small Space Saviours

Vegepods are discreet when it comes to size. Our smaller-sized pods are only half a metre by a metre – so the neighbours won’t worry you’re going to have in chickens next. The fact that the pods are raised means you have space for storing items below, and you can wheel the pods around the balcony to where the light is best.

A Sun Saver

Most of the plants you plant in a Vegepod only need 4 hours of direct sunlight. However, if your apartment doesn’t get a lot of light and you are worried, nowadays you can easily purchase a grow-light off eBay to generate artificial photosynthesis! For higher up apartments, you may find you don’t need to use the shade-producing eco-canopy, as possums and insects can’t get that far up.

Healthy & Eco-friendly

Last but not least, if Vegepods were positioned on balconies across the country, we bet Co2 emissions would be reduced! Not only are Vegepods relatively low maintenance, so you can set em’ and forget em’, the food waste and plastic packaging that comes from mass agricultural production would be minimised. All of these eco-friendly, earth-saving moves will probably have an effect on your health and happiness too. Check out this blog which talks about the mental and physical health benefits of growing your own food. So now is the time! Small pots and grow-walls have their place for greening, but if you want edible gardens to decrease your weekly shopping, and give you enormous amounts of satisfaction, the Vegepod is right for you.

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