What is the Right Sized Raised Garden Bed For You?

Choosing the right sized garden bed comes down to a number of different factors, from how many vegetables you want to produce, to how much space and sunlight you have. We offer three different sized raised garden beds that each could be suitable depending on your situation. Read on to discover what Vegepod is the right size for you.

Small Vegepod

The small Vegepod is half a metre by a metre in size, making it fairly, well, small. It’s therefore ideal for someone using an apartment balcony or a small space. It’s also ideal if you’re new to gardening and want to start slowly. The downside to a small sized pod is once you get addicted (and you definitely will!) it only has so much space. Vegepods are usually pretty quick to grow produce, so if you’re looking to seriously get into gardening, the medium or large Vegepod would be a better option.

Medium Vegepod

The perfect in-betweener, the medium sized Vegepod is one metre by one metre and has enough space for you to experiment with a multitude of different kinds of vegetables, without taking up too much room. Add climbing plants in the back and root vegetables or brassicas at the front - the medium sized Vegepod can accommodate both. Depending on how big your apartment or home is, you may still be able to fit a medium Pod on the balcony. Especially, if your balcony already has a pre-existing ‘shelf’ area to place the Pod on. Medium sized raised beds are the best option to create a small, workable backyard patch without having to commit to the biggest Vegepod size.

Large Vegepod

The large Vegepod is for those who have space for a two x one metre garden bed and are either plunging all in, or, have experienced a smaller sized bed and are ready to level up. The large Vegepods are best suited for those who have an outdoor area that gets a fair amount of sunlight - that way you can plant whatever you want in the space. To create a community garden, add three to four large Pods side by side. Which raised garden bed will you choose? Have you creatively used different sized Vegepods to maximise your space? We love ingenuity! Send us a photo of your Pods in interesting configurations. In the meantime - happy growing!

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