Spotlight On: Our Customer Service Reviews!

We’ve received some cracking reviews lately on our customer service and wanted to do a shout out to everyone who reviews us and to our staff for making Vegepod a service-first company!

Since the beginning, owners Matt, Paul and Simon all agreed that good old fashioned customer service was a top priority no matter how Vegepod evolved. Now, we have reviews across multiple offices showing a reputation of loyalty and care towards our customers. We’re not perfect but we’ll keep trying to ‘get it right’ everytime. Thanks to Pam, Mel and everyone in admin for instilling and building Vegepod’s reputation “behind the lines”.

Below are some top service-reviews we are really proud of from FacebookProduct Review and Trust Pilot. We’re sorry we couldn’t display them all. Keep em coming! ;)

David, Product Review Australia

Brooke, Facebook Australia

We used your customer testimonial Brooke!

Patricia, Trust Pilot UK

Rick, Facebook Singapore

Tom, Google Reviews Australia

Wayne, Product Review Australia

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