Vegepod Is Sponsoring the Australian Therapeutic Landscapes Conference 2018!

In late October from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th the Australian Therapeutic Landscapes Conference 2018 will commence! An amazing conference that raises awareness about the societal benefits of therapeutic horticulture, this year it’s hosted by our good friends over at Southern Cross University on the Bilinga, QLD campus, and it’s sponsored by us!

This is our first time sponsoring an event but we’re excited to in this case - therapeutic horticulture is an important issue we’re proud to support. Here’s a bit more about the ATLC 2018.

vegepod therapeutic horticulture australia

What’s On At the Event

The theme this year is “Going Public: encouraging therapeutic horticulture in public spaces” with topics covering therapeutic horticulture for aged care, health care patients, social housing, green spaces, play spaces, growing veggies - the list goes on!

There will be a lot of therapeutic gardening big names attending including keynote speakers: John Rayner from the University of Melbourne and Weijing Soh from the National Parks Board in Singapore. Plus cocktails, pre-conference workshops, and post-conference tours will all be available.

Why Is Vegepod Sponsoring This Event?

We wanted to sponsor ATLC because therapeutic gardening has become a huge part of Vegepod’s mission in the last year. It’s spurring on all our corporate social responsibility, donations, exhibitions, R&D, and our accessible gardening/community programs (here and overseas) including GrowAbility, Sprouters, KindyGarden, SeniorGrow!

We truly believe therapeutic horticulture is the future and a major question for our fast society to ponder!

Australian therapeutic landscapes conference

Conference team from Therapeutic Horticulture Australia Inc. Credit: Horticultural Media Association

Why YOU Should Attend

gardening for the disabled

Therapeutic gardening with the Growability program, reposting @mylittlesheshed

We chatted with Toni Salter aka ‘The Veggie Lady’ who’ll be speaking at the event. Here’s what she had to say about why you should come along:  

“Come along to hear about all the inclusive projects and programs going on all over the country.  Hear about public spaces being transformed to include people with dementia, which is one of our biggest health issues facing us today. See how green roofs and walls can be used in therapeutic settings, becoming more important as our cities get more crowded and space is at a premium. Hear from our keynote speakers who will highlight what is going on in UK, NZ and Singapore and learn from the examples in other countries.”

therapeutic gardening

More examples of the benefits of therapeutic gardening! Reposting Phil Pettit

Michael Casey, Vice President of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, chatted with us as well. Here’s what he has to say:

“This is an opportunity to hear from various local and international brilliant minds on the most relevant research, innovations and practices surrounding the application of therapeutic horticulture in public settings.  This annual conference, now in its fourth year, will highlight examples of the significance of therapeutic horticulture being applied across a number of settings and the associated benefits including physical, mental and social health.”

So, if you’re in the area or have a strong passion like we do, we definitely recommend you attend! There’s no need to be an expert, just have a passion for gardening or a thirst for knowledge. Here’s the link to get your tickets! Hurry! Early bird special ends September 15!

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