Sacred Heart Catholic School Uses Vegepod’s Sprouters Junior Program

In July last year, we introduced the Sprouters Junior School Program - a program plan for teachers and primary school students that shows how to use the Vegepod to create school-friendly green spaces which teach our youth about growing your own food.

This year, Sacred Heart Catholic School in Mona Vale, have gone one better - creating their own STEM project while using the Sprouters program for weekly Vegepod activities. Vegepod team member, Suzie Evans, reports:


SHCS kids listening to a talk from Vegepod's Matt Harris

Three sad and neglected sleepers existed in the school grounds at SHCS at the beginning of the year. This soon became the turning point for years 5 & 6 to investigate how to revitalise and rebuild their green-spaces. 


SHCS students with their research project

Teams researched the best garden options with a focus on technology, design, build, composting, irrigation, budget, and yield. Through collaborative teamwork, all groups found Vegepod to be the most sustainable and superior option to timber and corrugated sleepers. ;)


Vegepod staffer building a raised bed

A Q+A was held with Vegepod G.M and expert question-answerer, Paul Harris, to confirm hypotheses surrounding Vegepod’s benefits and maintenance. 

Following this, Vegepods were given the “Top of the Class” stamp. Seven Pods were constructed in a vacant space behind two large water tanks - where the area’s light was assessed and deemed ‘adequately sunny’.

kids building raised garden beds

Teams from marketing conferred with teams from gardening, composting and worm farming. A monthly harvest market was scheduled and crops were sold back to the school community for a tidy profit. 

Future Plans:

before and after picture of RGBs

Term 3 will see students of Sacred Heart showcase the Vegpod as their chosen sustainability project at the Catholic School Expo on sustainability.


raised garden bed with plants growing

Success! Vegepod wishes SHCS the best of luck with future endeavours and are proud to help the youth of today learn about best practice methods for growing food. Full speed ahead!

NB: For any queries on our “Pod to Plate” school growing programs, please contact your local Vegepod office.

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