We Won the USA Golden Shovel Award - Editor's Choice!

We’ve started off 2019 with a bang! We’re extremely proud and happy to announce that we’ve won the USA Golden Shovel Award for Outstanding Garden Product!

Here’s the post:

golden shovel award announcement

Earning the USA Golden Shovel Award is a big achievement, as the award itself is run by GardeningProductsReview.com (GPR). GPR is an independent, unbiased review site that reviews over 80 garden products each year.

At the end of each year, GPR looks at each product they reviewed and awards five with the USA Golden Shovel Award. Factors considered by their panel of Editors include quality, ease of use, performance, innovation, usefulness, and assembly!

Vegepod was the first of five winners. It was a huge shock to receive the honour as we hadn’t realised we were under consideration for the award!

However, it means a lot and we’re incredibly proud. Vegepod has only been present in the US for a year now. Winning an award like this from an independent organisation in the American market is a sign of better things to come.

This is the fourth year in a row now that we’ve gained recognition. In 2016 we won funding on Shark Tank, in 2017 we won two Australian Business Awards, in 2018 we were guest exhibitors to the UK’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, this year we’ve gotten an award from Uncle Sam. We couldn’t be happier about this kind of international validation.

A big thank you to Gardening Products Review.com for thinking of Vegepod and shining a spotlight on our product. If you’d like to check out their reviews or our award click here.  

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