We've Won A Great British Growing Award + New Product Teaser

As some of you may already know, we've won another award! This time by the guys over at Vegepod UK.

neil from vegepod uk winning award

Winners in a division for urban growing products. 

Glee Birmingham, the trade show for the UK Gardening Industry, hosted the Great British Growing Awards 2019 and Vegepod was humbled to be recognised with a Best Growing Product award. This means our Vegepods are recognised as a "superior product for urban growing environments".

Well done to the entire UK team! This is a huge achievement considering it's their first time entering. Hats off to the sizzling hard work and living the Grow Your Food movement by all the Vegepod UK team, and in particular Heads of Country - Neil and Alexandra.

Runners Up For 'Best New Product'

Neil accepting raised garden bed award

What you may not know, is we also won a runner up title! The Vegepod UK guys were the runners-up finalist in the 'Best New Product' category for our new 'Vegebag' prototype.

You are hearing it first, so take this as a tantalising teaser of a new product release! Shhh, but not so shhhh ;) 

The Vegebag is our new invention that improves upon the common household pot plant. Designed with lots of Vegepod features such as our signature super-fine canopy mesh (providing pest and weather protection + super growth rate micro-climates), water drainage, drag handles for easy movement, deep soil hold for proper veg and collapsible design for easy storage.  The Vegebags will help lower the barrier to fast-growing, pest-free veggies.

vegebag product

It's coming soon and an announcement will be released next month! But, in the meantime, we think it speaks huge volumes that our prototype (without any display materials) won the Runner Up place for 'Best New Product' at Glee Birmingham. We're excited to see how people react to Vegebag and what good things will come from it!

These awards are a huge achievement and validate us when it comes to our gardening products. Keep your eyes peeled for Vegebags in the coming weeks!

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